Another messy day in the lab

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Messy Day in the Lab

At this point in time Julian should be a full time guitarist, however stealing the memory card from his camera would betray a natural born documentarian. Recently he photographed me franticly screenprinting a poster for his band, and managed to capture the car crash rather splendidly.



A Pictorial History of Birdwatching

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Mr Jackson triumphs again. Visit him here


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Chancer screenprint

This is a rather bad photograph of  screenprinted version of the Chancer artwork. Another experiment attempting to unlock the mystery that is the CMYK process. I did an additional layer of grey too.

I think I was unconsiously inspired by that tin of Bassets’ Liquorice Allsorts I recieved for Christmas.


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I was priviliged to be granted an oppotunity to show my support for my local boozer through the much overlooked and under rated medium of chalk boards (even though there is no chalk to be found actually on them) They turned out a touch more lego than anticipated, an added bonus.

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